Completing Your Online Rental Application
Your first step in leasing an apartment from us is to fill out our online application. To access our online application, visit the Vacancies page on our website, find a property you are interested in renting, and then click the “Apply Now” button. Each prospective occupant must complete a separate application.

Review of Your Rental Application, Approval and Security Deposit

We pride ourselves in reviewing rental applications rapidly and contacting you promptly with the results of our review – a process that typically takes only one to two business days to complete. We will check your credit history, confirm your income sources (i.e. verifying your employment) and obtain references from your current and prior landlords. We take care to screen our applicants carefully – for your own safety and security and that of your neighbors.

Once your application has been approved, we ask you to promptly pay to us a security deposit which will be equal in dollar amount to one month’s rent. For example, the amount of the security deposit on an apartment renting for $1000 per month will also be $1000. We will not take the available apartment off of the rental market until we have received your security deposit payment. Your security deposit serves to hold your apartment until your scheduled move-in date. Your security deposit payment must be in the form of either a cashier’s check, a money order or cash. Personal checks are not accepted as payment for security deposits. As with application fees, your security deposit payment can be mailed to us (at the address listed above) ordelivered in person to us. Cash payments must be made in person.

If you change your mind about moving into your apartment after you have paid a security deposit, your security deposit willbe returned less a $500 reservation cancellation fee.

Setting Up Your Utility Accounts

Once your application is approved and before you move into your new apartment, you should contact local utility providers to establish service in your own name. You should instruct the utility providers to switch service into your name effective as of the date of your scheduled move-in. The names and addresses of the most common local utilities are as follows:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)- electricity

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) – gas service

AT&T – local telephone service

Comcast Cable – cable television

Your Move-In Appointment, Lease Documents and Payment of First Month’s Rent

When we notify you that your application has been approved, we establish with you a mutually agreeable time and date for your move-in to your new apartment. At your move-in appointment, you will inspect of your apartment, sign your lease documents and pay to us your first month’s rent for the apartment. As with the security deposit, your payment for your first month’s rent must be in the form of either a cashier’s check, a money order or cash. Personal checks are not an acceptable means of paying your first month’s rent. Once you have paid your security deposit and your first month’s rent, you may thereafter pay your monthly rent with a personal check (as well as via cashier’s check, money order or cash).

If you are moving into your apartment in the middle of a month, your rent will be pro-rated in the second calendar month of your occupancy.

For example, if you move in on October 15th, you will pay at that time your first month’s rent of, say, $1000 per month. That payment will pay for your rent for the period of October 15th through November 14th. In this example, you would be responsible for paying on November 1st pro-rated rent for the last half of November (Nov. 15th thru Nov. 30th) in the amount of $500. You would thereafter pay rent on the first day of each month. It is really not as complicated as it seems!

Feel free to call us at any time during the leasing process with any questions you may have. We like hearing from you!

Contact phone numbers:

Villas Encantadoras — Randy Hartley: (916) 469-9743
Cottages on O Street, Powell Place — Joan Langford: (916) 847-4955