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How is Powell Properties, L. P., different from other owners and property management companies?

All our properties are owned and managed by Powell Properties L.P., a local, family-owned real estate company with almost 70 years of experience in providing fine apartment homes. You will be given the home telephone number of the owner and will be encouraged to call him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your days of dealing with impersonal property management companies, with their ever changing roster of inexperienced and non-responsive staff, are over.

What if I have a service request?

Requests can be made through the Resident Portal. When you request maintenance service, your needs will be attended to by highly experienced, trained and respectful professional members of our staff. We believe we maintain the highest ratio of maintenance staff to apartments of any owner in Sacramento, permitting us to respond quickly and appropriately to your service needs.

What about my neighbors?

We carefully screen every applicant for our apartments so that you can be assured that your neighbors are safe, respectful, quiet and friendly people. We require significant security deposits and lease commitments in order to screen for responsible, long-term residents.

What happens if I want to change something in my apartment?

Residents are permitted and even encouraged to suggest upgrades and improvements to their apartments. Let us know what you want and, most likely, we will buy it and install it for you, all at our expense. Do you yearn for a different ceiling fan, crave upgraded lighting, or would love a special towel bar? Just let us know.

What if I have an emergency?

Each resident is provided the names and phone numbers of not one, not two, but either three or four staff members to call in the case of emergency, including the home number of the owner. With such coverage, it is a virtual certainty that, should you have an emergency, you will immediately reach a staff member who can promptly attend to your needs.

What if I wish to add a roommate after I move in?

We require that you first obtain our written consent before you add a roommate. We require all proposed roommates to complete a rental application and undergo the same screening process that all residents are subject to. This policy assures that all new residents, including roommates, are known to us and are thoroughly screened. Proposed roommates are not, however, generally required to meet the same credit standards as primary residents. There is no fee for adding a roommate other than the standard rental application fee.

What is your rental application process?

Once we receive your completed rental application(s) and our standard rental application fee, it generally takes us only one to two business days to process your application. Once your application is approved, we will call you and work with you to establish a mutually agreeable move-in date and time. We try to be flexible on your move-in date in order to accommodate your needs. We ask that you secure your reservation for your apartment by promptly paying to us a security deposit (equal in amount to one month’s rent) once your application has been approved. Once we receive your security deposit, we will discontinue marketing of your apartment.

What are your rental application fees?

The application fee is $30. Two applicants pay only a single fee; fees are not doubled. Application fees are payable in cash, personal check, or PayPal.

How are rent pro-rations handled?

On the day of your scheduled move-in, you will sign your lease and o associated documents, inspect the premises and pay a full month’s rent. If you move in during a month, your rent will be pro-rated in the following month. For example, if you move in on September 15th, you will pay a full month’s rent on that date, which would cover rent for the period of September 15th through October 14th. On October 1st you would pay one-half of one month’s rent to cover rent for the period of October 15th through October 31st.

How must I pay my security deposit and first month’s rent?

Your security deposit and your first month’s rent payment must be paid in the form of either cash, cashier’s check, money order or online through our website. Thereafter, you may pay your rent with a personal check if you choose. Application fees may be paid with cash, personal check, or PayPal.

What happens if I reserve an apartment, pay a security deposit but then change my mind about leasing the apartment?

We will refund your security deposit, less a $500 reservation cancellation fee.

Are pets permitted?

No Cats or Dogs are allowed. We permit service animals, as provided by law.

What utilities are included?

At the Villas Encantadoras, the following utilities are included: heat, hot water, sewer, water and garbage services. At the Powell Place and David House, hot water, water, sewer and garbage services are included. At the Cottages on O Street, water, sewer and garbage services are included.

What are your policies regarding smoking?

No smoking is allowed inside units, buildings, courtyards, decks or porches. If you go to the street to smoke it must be away from open windows, doors and butts must be cleaned up and disposed of safely.

Do you accept guarantors?

As a general rule, no. In selected cases, we do accept guarantor arrangement on a case-by-case basis.

Do you accept subsidized housing vouchers?

We accept all rental applications and each will be reviewed with customary background checks including credit and past landlord references to make sure rents have been paid on time.

What happens if I have to move before my lease has expired?

Upon request, we will include in your Lease Agreement a “Early Termination Option” which will provide you the option to terminate your lease before it expires by paying a lease termination fee equal in amount to one month’s rent, and providing 30 days’ prior written notice of termination.